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Firearms Dealer Merchant Accounts

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Title : Firearms Dealer Merchant Accounts
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Firearms Dealer Merchant Accounts

There are numerous firearms dealer credit card processing services to choose from, each offering different features and fees. Choosing a company to process your customer's credit card payments can be a daunting task, and sometimes you'll experience difficulties both looking for a merchant account provider and then afterwards- if you make the wrong selection!

Many banks will deny firearms dealer applications for merchant accounts because they don't want to take the risk or they do understand how the process of purchasing a firearm online works..

A firearms dealer merchant account may be just what your company needs to edge out the competition. If your customer base is growing or they are asking increasingly for credit payment options, as well as for information about your products and services, a merchant account can answer their questions and help to grow your business.

It is easy to apply for a firearms dealer merchant account. Just find a merchant account provider that knows what a FFL firearms dealer actually is, which you can do by searching the Internet using relevant key terms. Browse the many sites offering this special type of service before choosing one. Terms and fees vary a great deal, so you want to become knowledgeable about your choices before signing the contract. You may become tempted to take on more than a business the size of yours really needs at this point. Don?t be misled by all the bells and whistles that are available. Stick with the basics when you start out, and add other options only when they are truly needed and when you can afford them.

If you operate an online business, you'll need a shopping cart program of some kind - which must work with the system you use to process credit cards online. Be careful here, if you go with a shopping cart that only works with the Autherizenet Payment Gateway you will have a hard time getting approved because Autherizenet doesn't process for firearms merchants. You really need to be sure that whatever shopping cart program you use on your web site works with the merchant account you ultimately end up using to process customer payments. Ourpayment gateway of choice for online firearms sales is

When searching for a shopping cart system you need to get the merchant account, payment gateway then the shopping cart system. The reason for this is because many shopping carts and payment gateways do not allow firearm sales. They all have their preferred merchant account providers but most of them don't allow firearm sales online so be sure they do before handing them any money.

Companies offering a firearms dealer merchant account are usually banks and other financial institutions. Typically they look for a good credit history, the ability to make payments on the merchant account, and avoidance of questionable commercial activities like spam or telemarketing. They are willing to extend credit to firearms dealer owners who demonstrate good business ethics, who have made good use of resources to date, and who have developed a sensible growth plan for long-term goals. Often, the application can be filled out online and submitted electronically, and you may receive an answer within a matter of hours.

A big tip off to tell you they actually accept firearm dealers is what documentation they require. Every online firearms dealer merchant services company must make sure you have a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL) and only ship to other licensed FFL dealers. If this isn't the first thing they verify with you then you may have big issues once you start processing.

Always read all of the forms and contracts associated with merchant accounts before you sign anything. Understand the terms for cancellation and what conditions the provider can cancel your account, as well.

The process for applying for a firearms dealer merchant account varies depending on the company, but you may be asked to provide a copy of your FFL, web site, business license and maybe a photo of your business to verify you are in the location you say that you are. Some services will want to send a representative to photograph your place of business. Very large merchants may also need to provide two years of business and personal tax returns but these are usually only the merchants who process several million dollars per year.

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