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The Many Different Types of Gardens

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Title : The Many Different Types of Gardens
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The Many Different Types of Gardens

To get exercise and to enjoy the outdoors, nothing is better for your health than gardening in a beautiful garden. Don't worry if you have never done this before as gardening is very easy even for the newbie. Gardens will allow you to be as creative as you like, especially when you decide to plant flowers in one area and vegetables in another. Let's examine some options that you have before you begin to plant your garden.

While in the past, gardens often followed a strict model, like that of an English or Japanese garden, today many people are building contemporary gardens that don't follow traditional rules. Of course, you still have to pay attention to what your plants and flowers require, but the design is really up to you, and may be altered to suit your environment. Making gardens with limited space in the city is just one example. Those living in cities or condos should think about patio gardening. When considering a contemporary garden, take cues from traditional gardens. In order to make a different and natural garden, particularly if your land is too hilly for customary gardening, rock gardens should be considered. Designed to mimic the way plants grown on mountainsides, rock gardens integrate plant material along rocks and boulders. Hardy plants that can handle tight quarters, such as herbs, are a prime plant for use in this garden design. Rock garden plants and herbs do not need an abundance of water and are generally petite. The incorporation of bonsai trees will lend you rock garden a Japanese flair. To accentuate this idea, you can create a garden made primarily of rocks that incorporates only a few plants called a Japanese rock garden.

Cultivated flowers are enjoyed by various people but others prefer the wildflower look. Especially if you use plants that grow natively in your area, these gardens are easy to maintain and look natural Find flowers to transplant in a rural community or buy seeds at a greenhouse or garden center. While wildflowers don't usually need as much attention as cultivated flowers or plants, you do have to consider the particular needs of the species you choose. Plant your garden with a lush assortment of flowers that bloom throughout the year.

So the type of garden that you create will be influenced by your reasons for needing it. Do you just want it for aesthetic reasons, or do you want to grow vegetables to eat? Looking at photos or looking in books for gardens can give you some inspiration when deciding what kind of garden you want. Remember also that you don't have to follow a traditional model to the letter; you can make adjustments based on what you prefer.

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